October 20, 2017

Where’s the Local on the Wine List?

The local food movement has pushed farm fresh produce to the menus of top restaurants around the country, yet the movement stops short when it comes to local wines. Even restaurants hailed as leaders in local sourcing often have few, if any, local wines. A study of the menus of six of the top rated Twin Cities “locavore” restaurants reveals only one carries Minnesota wine – and they offer only a … [Read more...]

“Minnescato” – Moscato Wine From Minnesota

I’ve watched the American love affair with Moscato wines for the past four years. I’ve seen sales rise dramatically; in some years the increases have been as high as 100%, particularly for Italian produced Moscatos.It reminds me of the rise of  White Zinfandel in the 80's.  Like white zin, young drinkers are powering Moscato’s rise. I’ve experienced this at our tasting bar, with Moscato … [Read more...]